Smart Beginnings Shenandoah Valley Work Plan 2017


Smart Beginnings Shenandoah Valley releases their 2017 work plan.   Focusing on Healthy Children, Ready Families, and Early Care and Education…. for more information or to get involved email Kathy Banks, Smart Beginnings Director

Healthy Children

Young children have access to health care and developmental services while their  families provide appropriate nutrition and encourage healthy physical activity.

•Link resources between free prenatal clinics, health department, resource mothers, and school system to provide services earlier to mothers.

•Professional Development provide cross training opportunities to health care professionals to ensure seamless delivery of prenatal services for mothers.

Ready Families

Families of children (prenatal through kindergarten entrance) will have the information and supports they need to promote their child’s optimal development and school readiness.

•Evidence-based Programs: Promote and support evidence based home visiting and parent education programs.

•Developmental Screening:  Increase the number and % of children screened for developmental progress using the Ages and Stages Questionnaires.

•Parent Education: Connect parent education to targeted neighborhoods.  Parent education will include parent/child education and parent’s future education.

Early Care & Education

Improve the quality of and access to  early care and education programs so that more families have access to high quality care and education for their children.

•Quality: Develop a quality path for all providers, regulated and unregulated.

•Absenteeism: Work with providers, school system, and DSS to develop a system to reduce the number of absences of subsidy families from care.

•Mixed-Delivery: Support and encourage a mixed delivery approach to fill VPI slots.

•Professionalization: develop a clear path for professional development for providers.