What makes me ready?

When someone mentions getting children ready for school, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Reading skills? learning how to write? Kindergarten readiness is so much more than just the ABCs.

Did you know that school readiness begins before you are even born?  Proper prenatal care and a healthy pregnancy help to ensure a healthy baby. MIB_ultrasonido_transvaginal_embarazo_2604_467x250






Did you ever think that school readiness should be thought about as soon as a baby is born? Recent research suggest that school readiness interventions might come too late if they start after the child is three years old” (Lally 2010, 1). Having the mindset of school readiness when a baby is born allows for a strong foundation of learning for years to come. Credentials-InfantToddler








Did you know that a child’s health and nutrition play a critical role in making sure they are ready for Kindergarten?

The child with paprika.


Building each developmental stage allows for children to become secure, healthy, and ready to embark in learning.  Making sure their first five years are filled with environments rich in positive interactions, expands their ideas, and builds their cognitive thinking to prepare them for a successful future.

I See Me - VIP-Boy Reading-hires









Working together as a community can build a system that supports children in learning beginning from the time they are conceived, giving them a SMART BEGINNING.kids-in-kindergarten




smart beginnings