VECF Project Pathfinders Scholarships for Spring Semester


Announcement of the 2018 Spring Semester Pathfinders Scholarship


As a past recipient of the Project Pathfinders Scholarship, we wanted to make sure you received the most current information for the 2018 Spring Semester Scholarship.


Application Window:   October 15 – December 1


Application Website:


ALL applicants have to reapply each semester for Pathfinders funding.


USERNAME AND PASSWORD: You have already created a Pathfinders account.  Your username is the email address you used.  Your password was something your chose.  If you cannot remember the info needed to log into your Pathfinders account, you can click on the “Forgot Your Password” option.  If you can’t reset your password, then you can contact Angela Rice at  Please DO NOT create a new account.


NEW REQUIREMENT: You will be required to apply for the VDSS Scholarship before you can be approved for the Pathfinders Scholarship unless you have already met the lifetime max allowed by VDSS.


The VDSS application window is also Oct 15–Dec 1.


You can find the VDSS application at

If you have questions about the VDSS process, email Stephanie Daniel at


GRADE REPORTING: Remember that all past recipients are required to report grades for each semester in which you are a Pathfinders recipient.  Fall Semester 2017 grades will need to be recorded after they are posted to your college student account in December.  If you were a recipient for the 2017 spring and/or summer semester(s) and have not already posted your grade report, you need to do so on your Pathfinders dashboard before you can be considered for further funding.  Go to your Pathfinders Dashboard, click on the follow-up document, and input your grades in the “Course Completion – Grade Report.”


Have a question: If you need information regarding the Pathfinders process, please contact Mila Spaulding at or 804-749-8149.