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No longer Daycare but, Early Childhood Education

Early Years Are Learning Years

The National Association for the Education of the Young Child (NAEYC) recognizes the demand for early childhood and education programs has increased over the past several decades.  This demand is not the result of more families working, but of the clear research that continues to show that high-quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood programs produce short- and long- term positive effects on children’s cognitive and social development.

According to NAEYC, our society is at a crossroads and must address this research through an integrated system of a comprehensive approach to early childhood development.  This approach includes not only providers, but families and communities.  Investing in children and families will allow our communities to enjoy long-term savings, with a more vibrant healthy and achieving children and more stable families.

Recognizing the importance of developmentally appropriate interactions

Smart Beginnings Shenandoah Valley supports all individuals who care for children in the valley.  Resources to help providers raise the quality of care and interactions they have with children allow anyone who interacts with young children the opportunity to give children developmentally appropriate, intentional high-quality experiences that are sure to enhance the child’s school readiness.

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